Hernyák Birtok Etyek

One of the most dynamically growing family wineries in the Etyek-Budai wine region.

In recent years, the popularity of our unique style of wines has grown to include our spirits, our new champagnes and our pioneering approach into the world of gastronomy.


The Estate

The family estate is located on one of the most beautiful parts of Etyek, the Öreghegy (Old Hill).

All of our work revolves around our grapes, planted on an area of 8 hectares. By 2012 we succeeded in restoring, rejuvenating and remodelling our vines, and this now enables us to move into a phase of fine tuning the vineyards, where we will be able to capitalise on our experience gathered in various countries abroad. The grapes are turned into wine, serving as the platform for everything else: gastronomy, hospitality, and to be honest, our whole lives.


„Less is more”

Thanks to the exceptional climatic conditions and the valuable chalky chalky soil, this area of the country offers endless opportunities for growing grapes.

We aim to learn all the secrets secrets of the 8 hectares of land we have acquired over the years, to be able to harvest the grapes every autumn under the most optimal conditions.

Our grapes are only situated on slopes in and around Etyek which offer the best properties: Orbán (0,6ha), Tóra (2,4ha), Báthori (2ha), Sánci (3ha).


Our wines are made using the gentlest of procedures. Both our team and our tools represent the right blend of the modern and the traditional. Laci Hernyák's decades of experience dovetail perfectly with Tomi's more recent expertise he has gained abroad. Both aim to maintain a level of natural sophistication and create their own unique style .

The success of our wines lies in the joy we take in each stage of the wine-making process. This is when an occupation becomes a calling, a way of life...



Our wines remain dynamic for many years thanks to their marvellous acids.

The area is also ideal for making outstanding sparkling wines .

Our wines boast an elegant acidity, complexity and an indescribable charm thanks to the very much reduced yield and our conscious grape-growing and wine-making approach. In recent years our Sauvignon blanc, Pinot noir , Zöldveltelíni and the estate's cuvees have enjoyed widespread recognition, and can be found on the shelves of the best restaurants .


57 restaurant Arany Kaviár Restaurant DiVino borbár Four Seasons Budapest G Italiano M.  Restaurant ONYX Pomo D'oro

  • savignon blanc 2011
  • pinot noir 2011
  • Báthori 2011
  • Zöldveltelíni 2011
  • 2091 2011
  • CO2 2011



This is where our family traditions date back the longest.

When we lived in Vojvodina (northern Serbia), it was second nature to make lovely fruit brandies (pálinka) from the juicy Bačka fruits using our home pálinka distillery at the end of the garden.

On our estate in Etyek we now create our unique spirits by drawing on our professional experience and using our own professional still. All of our spirits are matured, often for many years, in wooden barrels , and offer a unique quality on the Hungarian market.

Corvins brandy

Sophisticated blend of wine brandies. Matured in wooden barrels for three years.

Öthordós törkölypálinka

Distilled from grape skins and juice. Matured in barrels made from five type of wood for three years.



Mangalitsa culinary workshop

Although officially a restaurant, for us Manga provides an informal, family setting that redefines what we think of hospitality.

As a "restaurant" showcasing the best of the Mangalitsa pig, our aim is to serve up this Hungarian treasure in a befitting manner for our friends and visitors.

It's not the structures and textures we want to present, but rather the experiences offered by the many tastes which are brought to the fore with local and Hungarian produce. Anyone is welcome to see what goes on in our culinary workshop and estate, and you can even get involved yourself with our cooking courses.

Please make reservations for our restaurant as we always consult with our guests in advance on the seasonal menu. 

Phone number:

+36 30 274 8994





Rendezvények Rendezvények Rendezvények Rendezvények Rendezvények
  • The estate is the perfect choice to hold both small and large events. The various locations we have available are ideal for organising even whole-day events.
  • When the weather is great you can have picnics out on the grass, but you can also indulge yourself in the joy of wine under our covered terrace.
  • The estate is able to accommodate events for up to two hundred people. The wine-tasting room has seating space indoors for 30 people and outdoors for a further 20, while we can easily accommodate 20+10 in the Manga restaurant.



Hernyák Laci

Laci Hernyák

For me, wine is about starting again. About building the estate, the family, and about artistic self-realisation. It gave me an answer and an opportunity at a time when I thought there was no way out. I now know that it was not only a way out in my life, but the path everyone is looking for!

Hernyák Val

Vali Hernyák

Life is a journey determined by encounters. The world of grapes, wine and spirits is full of challenges. But these are what make us stronger. Our estate is based on authenticity, and we are bound by the trust of our guests.

Hernyák Tomi

Tomi Hernyák

For me, wine is a synonym for creation, coexistence with nature, harmony, lifelong learning and teaching. The work is never-ending, but varied. It simply radiates tranquillity, but with the restless dynamic of change.

Ruprech Laci

Laci Ruprecht

I've always loved doing things that somehow affect your inner soul. And the joy of cooking does this for me. It's a creative "job", where at the end you instantly experience the joy of having given something to others.

Hernyák Birtok

H-2091 Etyek

Öreghegy, Présházak 2684/0

Phone number: +36 30 274 8994